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Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Special Bracket System

Jan 17, 2018

Flat roof support system / Ground power station support system / bevel glazed tile support system / color steel tile support system

Photovoltaic research and development of Sunforson PV Poverty Alleviation dedicated stent system suitable for centralized poverty alleviation stations, village collective photovoltaic power station, poor households power station. Apply to the ground, flat cement roof, beveled all kinds of rural tile roof, color steel roof. According to the roof load-bearing capacity and waterproof requirements, the system can be fixed on the foundation or the roof girder by using cement foundation, roof hook, color steel tile fixture, chemical anchor bolt or self-tapping screw. The system uses high-quality carbon steel and aluminum alloy profiles, solid appearance, original connection design, quick and easy installation, without on-site secondary processing of parts.

System uses a special rail fixed way, advanced design, so that the entire system components to minimize the types. Nearly 20 kinds of hooks, fixtures, cement-based and a variety of connecting components to meet a variety of installation requirements, all components try to maximize the factory pre-installed, flexible installation and easy. Can be used to install any specifications of solar polysilicon components and thin film components.