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PV Mounting Product Quality Varies Greatly

Sep 06, 2016

PV mounting in the industry's competitiveness greatly, which leads the market in the production of the product quality varies greatly, due to some poor PV mounting doping products in the market, so that the industry has been some impact.

In recent years, the pace of development of photovoltaic industry stent faster and faster, the output value is increasing, and there are always new PV mounting strength of the brand to enter. But the industry there are still some problems can not be ignored, such as lower brand concentration, shoddy product quality, service level uneven phenomenon is quite serious. Some small, poor strength of PV mounting business, use of non-environmentally friendly materials, it is difficult to avoid excessive, failure of product quality and other issues, leading consumers to buy such substandard products industry for PV mounting crisis of confidence. This crisis of confidence tells us that enterprises must not only pay attention to product quality, and to service-oriented products, to solve problems encountered by users of the product in use, the truly sincere hospitality, to get the trust of consumers and recognition .