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PV Mounting Quality Problems Can Not Be Ignored

Sep 06, 2016

PV mounting quality problems should not be overlooked, it is the most important PV mounting infrastructure, electricity supply is important to the maintenance and security facilities, so essential to the quality of the PV stent.

PV mounting must be durable, the price was relatively low for large-scale use, simple in structure, easy to transport, install the undulating terrain without restrictions, to remind consumers, do not buy a cheaper low-quality manufacturers of photovoltaic stand, not only the life of the discount, after-sales service and no guarantee.

Currently, the market performance of various manufacturers of PV stent, technical parameters, level of production technology to master different, which leads to the PV mounting market quality varies greatly, some sections due to the improper handling of anti-corrosion technology PV mounting products, ranging from one to two years time, rusty, not only affects the overall visual effect of PV stents, but also greatly shorten the useful life of PV stents, but also increase maintenance costs.