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Security Manipulate Solar Stent, Life Is Full Of Sunshine

Sep 06, 2016

Solar mounting as we all know is part of the solar device is not missing, it is mainly played a supporting role, which is to our solar equipment for protection of security, the most important is to make our solar equipment to better accept the sun light irradiation. From here we can see the importance of our solar support, so it is also our security can not be ignored, here we highlight some of his security.

1. components, piping systems and auxiliary equipment solar support must comply with the original design requirements, shall not be arbitrarily demolished.

2. The stent maintenance work should conscientiously implement the inspection system to ensure hydraulic system intact, test for damaged parts should be promptly replaced, the stent leakage occurs when the blow was to be in time, not sick use.

3. All piping to fly clean, not allowed pressure, buried, squeeze, demolition.

4. Face Solar mounting must meet all standards intact, otherwise the holder the right to refuse to work manipulation.

5. Face found damaged parts, hydraulic hose must be promptly replaced, replaced the old should be promptly recovered to solve the subject reported to the squad, not allowed to take "sick" work to ensure that the stent is often in good condition.

6. To check the roof, and found broken roof or roof collapse phenomenon to an ample supply of roof fall prevention materials, and then handle the frame shift, shift rack to prevent roof collapse caused by excessive crooked frame, bite planes and inverted frame and so on.