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Simple Classification PV Stent Introduced

Sep 06, 2016

1. Roof PV mounting system

Based on differences in the structure of the sloping roof, Xin Energy will provide you with a photovoltaic roofing system developed specifically for unique accessories to meet your needs.

Roof PV system bracket features:

1> suitable for different thicknesses of tile height-adjustable fittings to meet customer needs

2> connecting plate and other accessories, multi-hole design, flexible and effective to achieve the adjustment of the position of the bracket

3> does not destroy the original roof waterproofing system

2. ground PV mounting system

Common ground PV systems generally use concrete strip (bulk) form the basis of (special foundations circumstances need to consult professional designers).

Ground PV system bracket features:

Quick installation with ground photovoltaic power station construction schedule system

1> flexible adjustment forms to meet the complex needs of the construction site

2> Accessories amount streamline easy installation site worker identification in order to improve work efficiency

These are the main scenarios PV mounting understand the main types of solar stent, we have a very good reference when selected, brought us convenience.