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Solar Mounting Racks Durable

Aug 16, 2017

The mounting structure of the PV array bracket should be simple, Solar mounting racks robust and durable. Manufacturing and installation of photovoltaic array bracket material, Solar mounting racks to be able to withstand the wind and rain erosion and corrosion. Electroplated aluminum, electroplated steel and stainless steel are the ideal choice. Stent welding production quality requirements to meet the national standard "steel structure construction quality acceptance" (GB50205-2001) requirements.

1, in the PV array foundation and the construction of the stent, should try to avoid the destruction of the relevant buildings and ancillary facilities, Solar mounting racks such as construction due to the need for local damage, should be completed in the construction after the timely repair.

2, when the installation of photovoltaic arrays in the roof, the base embedded parts and the roof structure of the main reinforcement of the reinforcement or connection, if the structural restrictions can not be welded or connected, should take measures to increase the base and roof Focus, Solar mounting racks and the use of wire drawing method or bracket to extend the fixed method to be fixed. After the completion of the production of the base, to the roof damage or involved in part in accordance with national standards, "Roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance" (GB50207-2002) requirements to do waterproofing to prevent seepage, leakage phenomenon.

3, photovoltaic cell components Border and bracket to be connected with the grounding system.

Installation location selection. General choice in the roof, the direction is sitting north to south, west to the west 5 ~ 10 °, to ensure that no shelter. Household pipelines should also be reduced, so you can increase the sunshine time.

2. Assemble the bracket. Installation should follow the instructions who put the front and back pieces assembled together, and then use the wrench tighten the screws, Solar mounting racks no loosening can be. And then install the front and rear side of the slanting support, play a structural reinforcement role.

3. After installing the tank and vacuum tubes, Solar mounting racks check all screws and tighten them.

Generally use the cement pier, playing expansion bolts or wire rope fixed bracket, of course, need to be more of their own roof to choose the best way to fix. Wire rope fixation method: the wire rope or large steel sets in the front bracket left and right box and barrel care u-ring, Solar mounting racks and tighten the nut, the connection of four wire rope or steel to the direction of the four corners of the water heater, in the parapet or other Place the appropriate location, drilling by expansion hook, the wire rope or steel and the corresponding expansion hook U-ring firmly connected.

1. Electric heating installation. First open the electric heating port of the dust insulation cover, loosen the inside of the screws, and then the bottom of the plug pry open, Solar mounting racks check the built-in seal apron, see if it is tight, then put the built-in electric hot rod into, Tighten bolts.

2. First put the tank on the assembled bracket barrel, Solar mounting racks the water tank and the barrel with bolts, tighten the shelf and the barrel to connect the nut, so that both ends of the tank and the left and right ends of the bracket are equal, the tank vacuum nozzle center line The front bracket plane parallel, and then check the silicone seal in the bucket hole is flat, correct.