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Solar Mounting Racks Durable

Nov 03, 2017

When cold forming materials are used in solar tracker or tray systems, the type of choice is varied. The most common materials include high-strength low-alloy steel (HSLAsteels) and aluminum alloys.

Some alloys meet the strength requirements at the same time, Solar mounting racks need to shape the thin parts. Hat-shaped or tunnel-shaped are widely used, any open or closed structure can be completed by cold-rolled. Punch holes of any shape can be punched out anywhere in the line.

In PV power plant projects, the length of the brackets is limited to the length of the truck, and some brackets are designed to be up to 20 meters in length. After the procedure, Solar mounting racks including surface processing, welding and fastener installation, can give customers added value.

The installation structure of PV array bracket should be simple and durable. Solar mounting racks Make and install the material of the PV array bracket to be able to withstand the erosion of wind and rain and all kinds of corrosion. Galvanized steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel are all ideal choices

1. During the construction of PV array foundation and scaffolds, the damage to the relevant buildings and ancillary facilities should be avoided as much as possible. If local damage has to be done as a result of construction needs, it should be promptly repaired after construction.

2, when the PV array is to be installed on the roof, Solar mounting racks the embedded parts of the base should be firmly welded or connected with the reinforcing steel of the roof main structure, and if the structure can not be welded or connected, measures should be taken to increase the attachment between the base and the roof Efforts and the use of wire tensioning or stent extension method to be fixed. Solar mounting racks Pedestal after the completion of the building, to the destruction of the roof or involve some in accordance with national standards, "Roofing Quality Acceptance Code" (GB50207-2002) to do waterproofing requirements to prevent seepage, leakage phenomenon.

The general use of cement piers, Solar mounting racks expansion bolts or rope fixed bracket, of course, need to have their own roof to choose the best way to fix. Rope fixing method: Put the steel wire rope or large reinforcing steel bar on the left and right frame of the front bracket and the left and right u-rings on the barrel support, and tighten with the nut to stretch the four connected steel wire ropes or reinforcing bars to the four corners of the water heater, Place to select the appropriate location, drilling expansion by the hook, Solar mounting racks the rope or steel reinforcement with the corresponding expansion U-ring firmly connected.

1. Electric heating installation. First open the electric heating mouth dust cover, loosen the screws inside, and then pry the bottom of the pry open, Solar mounting racks check the built-in sealing rubber ring to see if it is tight, and then the built-in electric into the rod, Tighten the bolt.

2. The first tank on the assembled bracket bucket care, the tank and bucket care bolted, tighten the shelf and barrel support nut, so that both ends of the tank and the bracket at both ends of the distance equal to the tank vacuum nozzle centerline and Front bracket parallel to the plane, Solar mounting racks and then check the silicone sealing ring in the inner edge of the hole is flat, correct.