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Solar Mounting Racks From The Material

Jun 01, 2017

Solar photovoltaic stent system from the material points, Solar mounting racks the main concrete stent, steel stent and aluminum alloy stent, such as three kinds.

One, the concrete bracket mainly applies in the large-scale photovoltaic power station, because of its self significant, can only be placed in the field, Solar mounting racks and the foundation is good area, but the stability is high, can support the size huge battery board.

Second, the steel bracket performance is stable, the manufacture craft is mature, the carrying capacity is high, installs simple, the antiseptic performance is good, Solar mounting racks the appearance beautiful unique connection design, installs conveniently quickly, installs the tool simple general use the structural anticorrosion material steel and the stainless steel spare parts, the service life is above 20 years.

Aluminum alloy bracket generally used in the building roof solar energy applications, aluminum alloy with corrosion resistance, light quality, Solar mounting racks beautiful and durable characteristics, Solar mounting racks but its low bearing capacity, can not be used in solar power plant projects

The installation structure of PV array bracket should be simple and durable. Materials for the installation of photovoltaic arrays should be able to withstand rain erosion and various corrosion. Solar mounting racks Electroplating aluminum profiles, electroplating steel and stainless steel are ideal choice. The quality requirements for the welding of the bracket should conform to the requirements of the national standard of "steel structure construction Quality Acceptance Code" (Gb50205).

1, in the Photovoltaic Array Foundation and stent construction process, should try to avoid the related buildings and ancillary facilities damage, such as due to the construction needs to cause local damage, Solar mounting racks should be repaired in a timely manner after the completion of construction.

2. When installing photovoltaic arrays on the roof, Solar mounting racks to make the base embedded parts and the roof main structure of the steel bar firmly welded or connected, if the structural constraints can not be welded or connected, should take measures to increase the base and roof adhesion, and the use of wire tension or stent extension fixed method, etc. to be fixed. After the completion of the base, to the roof damage or involved in part according to the National standard "roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance Code" ($literal) of the requirements of waterproof treatment, to prevent water seepage, leakage occurs.

3. PV module frame and bracket should be connected with grounding system reliably.