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Solar Mounting Racks Higher Requirements

Nov 02, 2017

Photovoltaic solar power industry is a renewable resource, it is the technology of converting solar energy into the required electric energy, and it is the important symbol of our new energy industry. With the wide use of new energy, photovoltaic solar powered stent has been widely used in China, Solar mounting racks the quality of solar stent has been widely concerned. The solar powered bracket is usually divided into three kinds: concrete bracket, light steel structure solar powered bracket and aluminum alloy bracket three kinds, the concrete bracket weight is big, the request is high to the use environment, this kind of structure has been eliminated gradually. Solar powered support for large photovoltaic energy projects is a steel structure bracket, it has strong bearing capacity, good corrosion-resistant effect, recyclable, relative to the other two kinds of solar stent, aluminum alloy stent light weight, Solar mounting racks good corrosion effect, holding time is longer, but not suitable for large photovoltaic solar energy industry.

First, solar stent welding, it is not high requirements for angle steel, the connection is not high cost, the connection effect is very good, more solid, the scope of use is also very common. This type of connection is prone to corrosion, after-sale maintenance costs high, for the field welding process, Solar mounting racks will cost a lot of costs, welding connection is not beautiful, the process is slightly rough, not in line with people's aesthetic needs.

Second, solar powered stent assembly, it is connected by a hinged way, Solar mounting racks trough steel finished bracket as a splicing bracket, the site does not need to be welded, can be directly assembled on the spot by bolts, faster installation speed, beautiful and generous, more durable, it is easy to adjust, the production of this kind of solar stent mainly makes the connection between the channel convenient, firm , which can be easily disassembled.

1, in the Photovoltaic Array Foundation and stent construction process, should try to avoid the related buildings and ancillary facilities damage, Solar mounting racks such as due to the construction needs to cause local damage, should be repaired in a timely manner after the completion of construction.

2. When installing photovoltaic arrays on the roof, to make the base embedded parts and the roof main structure of the steel bar firmly welded or connected,Solar mounting racks if the structural constraints can not be welded or connected, should take measures to increase the base and roof adhesion, Solar mounting racks and the use of wire tension or stent extension fixed method, etc. to be fixed. After the completion of the base, to the roof damage or involved in part according to the National standard "roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance Code" ($literal) of the requirements of waterproof treatment, to prevent water seepage, leakage phenomenon occurs.