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Solar Mounting Racks Rapid Development

Jul 31, 2017

Solar photovoltaic power generation is a renewable energy, Solar mounting racks solar energy into the required energy technology, photovoltaic industry is an important sign of rapid development. Solar mounting racks At present, solar photovoltaic stent in our country gradually rise, and more and more people's attention. This paper introduces the existing problems and solutions of solar photovoltaic stent installation in China, Solar mounting racks and discusses the current situation and future prospects of PV industry.

Natural energy, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, has been the usual energy we use, and although they were once rich in reserves, they were not inexhaustible. With the continuous development of science and technology, environmental problems and energy scarcity to become the focus of the world, it is necessary to develop a variety of new energy sources to replace these increasingly depleted traditional energy. In people's ongoing research, Solar mounting racks solar energy, wind energy and other natural energy to become a representative of new energy sources, they are renewable energy, but also clean energy. Among them, the solar energy is now people are gradually expanding the use of energy, will not pollute the environment, by the attention of many countries

How to achieve sustainable development, Solar mounting racks we must continue through technological innovation and new energy development and other means to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and environmental pollution, promote economic, social and ecological environment of the harmonious development, Solar mounting racks to future generations left green mountains and green water, This is the low carbon economy. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone, energy saving is imperative. The use of new energy, Solar mounting racks the full development of low-carbon economy, but also in line with national requirements on energy saving indicators.

Solar photovoltaic power generation is a renewable energy, make full use of solar energy for power generation, energy saving and environmental protection, without destroying the environment. In the 21st century to promote environmental protection today, solar photovoltaic power generation is undoubtedly one of the most popular power generation system. In fact, as early as 100 years ago, Einstein found the photoelectric effect, Solar mounting racks inspired future generations to use solar energy to generate electricity. In the 1950s, Solar mounting racks American scientists developed monocrystalline silicon solar cells, marking the people began to use solar energy to generate electricity.

When the energy crisis frequently hit, Solar mounting racks the world began a new energy exploration research road. Solar energy in the new energy is an integral part of people's survival and development of one of the renewable energy. Solar energy into the required power technology, Solar mounting racks photovoltaic industry is an important sign of rapid development. At present, Solar mounting racks an important part of solar power generation solar photovoltaic stent in our country gradually rise, and more and more people's attention and use.

Solar photovoltaic stent has many advantages, such as reusable, flexible adjustment, the material does not rust, excellent performance, save a lot of cost. At present, China's use of solar photovoltaic stent mostly to distinguish between materials, the main material is concrete, Solar mounting racks steel, aluminum three. Among them, the concrete stent weight is large, generally used in the field of large power plants, although there is a strong stability, but the higher requirements of the environment, commonly used with the shape of a huge battery with the use. Aluminum alloy stent often used in civil construction, aluminum light and beautiful, Solar mounting racks and anti-corrosion, long life, but can not be applied to large-scale photovoltaic power plants, and the higher cost. In contrast, the advantages of steel stent is more obvious, its performance is stable, strong bearing capacity, Solar mounting racks corrosion resistance, nice, low cost, and easy to install, the scope of application more widely. Installation of steel structure bracket, the factory production parts sent to the scene, convenient and concise, Solar mounting racks according to the design requirements of the steel stent orderly installation, fast, high efficiency. However, Solar mounting racks if there is no perfect production, installation level, do not understand the type, Solar mounting racks there will be some problems in the installation, steel support for the production, construction requirements are high, so the cost is higher.