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Solar Mounting Racks Strength Requirements

Jun 27, 2017

When the cold rolled forming material is applied to a solar tracker or bracket system, the type of selection is varied. The most common materials include high strength low alloy steel (HSLAsteels) and aluminum alloys.

Some alloys meet the strength requirements at the same time, Solar mounting racks need to shape in the thin parts. Cap-shaped or tunnel-shaped are widely used, any open or closed structure can be completed by cold rolling. In the pipeline can be any position out of any shape of the pre-punching.

Photovoltaic power plant project, Solar mounting racks the length of the stent is limited to the length of the freight car, some stent design up to 20 meters. After the process, including surface processing, welding and fastener installation, etc., can give customers value added value.

The mounting structure of the PV array bracket should be simple, robust and durable. Manufacture and install the PV array bracket material, Solar mounting racks to be able to withstand the wind and rain erosion and corrosion. Electroplated aluminum, electroplated steel and stainless steel are the ideal choice. Solar mounting racks The quality requirements of the welding of the brackets are in accordance with the requirements of the national standard "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structures" (GB50205-2001).

1, in the photovoltaic array foundation and the construction of the stent, should try to avoid the destruction of the relevant buildings and ancillary facilities, Solar mounting racks such as construction needs due to local damage caused by the construction should be completed in time to repair.

2, when the installation of photovoltaic arrays in the roof, the base embedded parts and the roof structure of the main reinforcement of the reinforcement or connection, Solar mounting racks if the structural restrictions can not be welded or connected, should take measures to increase the base and roof Focus, and the use of wire drawing method or bracket extension method to be fixed. After the completion of the production of the base, Solar mounting racks to the roof damage or involved in part in accordance with national standards, "Roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance" (GB50207-2002) requirements to do water treatment, to prevent seepage, Solar mounting racks leakage phenomenon.

3, photovoltaic cell components Border and bracket to be connected with the grounding system

First, the concrete support is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plant, because of its large, can only be placed in the wild, and the better areas, but the stability of high, can support the huge size of the battery.

Second, the steel stent stable performance, Solar mounting racks the manufacturing process is mature, high carrying capacity, easy installation, Solar mounting racks excellent anti-corrosion performance, beautiful appearance unique connection design, easy installation, easy installation of general use of structural anti-corrosion materials, Solar mounting racks steel and stainless steel parts, Life in more than 20 years.

Third, the aluminum alloy stent is generally used in residential roof solar energy applications, aluminum alloy with corrosion resistance, light weight, Solar mounting racks beautiful and durable characteristics, but its low bearing capacity, can not be applied in the solar power plant project