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Solar Panel Structures Structural Design

Nov 03, 2017

The current shortage of fossil fuels on earth and the environmental pollution they cause have caused researchers to turn their attention to clean and renewable energy sources. As a clean, Solar panel structures safe and resource-rich new energy source, solar energy has long been widely concerned with the rapid development of its utilization and conversion technologies. Solar panel structures In particular, the most rapidly growing perovskite solar cells in the field of solar cells in recent years have rapidly exceeded 22% in device efficiency after less than a decade of development and are considered to be the most promising solar cell technologies for industrial applications in the future one. Therefore, to study how to further improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells is of great significance.

The reasons that affect solar cell efficiency can be broadly divided into two types: electrical loss and optical loss. The electrical loss is mainly due to the compound loss in the transport of photo-generated carriers, which depends on the nature of the material and the design of the device structure. The optical loss is mainly due to the loss of light trapping efficiency caused by the surface reflection, Solar panel structures the blocking loss, the spectral response characteristics of the battery material itself and the like. At present, new perovskite materials and novel device structures are continuously developed. In particular, many new ideas are provided to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells from the perspective of reducing electrical losses. At the same time, Solar panel structures it is also an important issue to be solved to improve the performance of perovskite solar cells and reduce optical losses.

Solar power as a "leader in the field of clean energy" is currently much concerned about the industry. If you are interested, take you to understand the composition of solar cells and related photovoltaic materials.

Solar power plants, Solar panel structures often referred to as solar cells, Solar panel structures convert solar energy directly into electricity. In a solar panel, the photons emitted by the sun break the outer electrons of the semiconductor material away from the bond of atoms. Solar panel structures When the electrons are forced to move in the same direction, they can generate electricity, power electronic devices or deliver power to the grid.