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Solar Photovoltaic Holder Has Entered Every Household

Sep 06, 2016

Current solar PV stent technology is not entirely without problems. Solar power generation stent technology, most of the use of photovoltaic (PV) power generation. Photoelectric effect and the like, after the photovoltaic material receives electrons excited by light energy, and the electron trajectories into a different, so that the voltage between the poles of the material occurs.

The manufacturing process of these materials will also produce some heavy metal pollution, although solar stent power than thermal power plant unit of pollution is much lower. In addition, the biggest problem encountered in solar power generation stent, that is difficult to improve power generation efficiency, and therefore has a certain scale solar power plants holder needs to occupy a lot of space. In today's increasingly scarce land resources, which is a major constraint.

Therefore, solar photovoltaic power generation stents have a greater development, we need to improve the efficiency of power generation; also make it easier for power generation equipment assembly and use. Current photovoltaic technology in these two areas seem to have encountered a bottleneck.

First, and as the photoelectric effect, electronic only absorb certain wavelengths of light will be excited, the occurrence of the photovoltaic effect. Longer-wavelength light will penetrate the PV material, does not produce any effect, shorter wavelength light that would make electronic excitation energy is too much, so they are flying around, can not effectively form a current.