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Sunforson 130kw Ground Solar Mounting Project Successfully Completed In Hunan Province

Jul 25, 2017

This Month Sunforson get a good news from Mr. Huang, the 130kw ground solar project is successfully completed in Hunan province. We cant help but share the joy with everyone. 


Although this is not a such attractive project, but the trust and satisfaction from every users is the priceless wealth for Sunforson Power.  Even this is the Initial cooperation between Mr.Huang and Sunforson Power, they installed easily with the help of the installation manual and the help of Sunforson power technical teamwork.  Mr. Huang ordered SunRack ground solar mounting structure SFS-GM-01 24 sets with panel array that 2 rows and 10 panels per row(2x10). It is in aluminum material, and panels in portrait installation solution, this is a most cost competitive ground mounting solution and it looks nice and generous, obviously, it has been favored by most customers. As Mr.Huang is satisfied with the first cooperation of the ground mounting system, Mr.Huang said there will be another 80kw ground solar system project coming soon, so future cooperation will be not a long time.


Sunforson Power specialized in solar panel mounting structure many years, and has entered photovoltaic energy market more than 100 countries since now. Sunforson technical team have enough experience and enough abilities to provide professional solar mounting system solution and suitable suggestion for different projects condition. Even though that Sunforson will do better and better, here we thanks those who always support and trust Sunforson Power, without those attention and support will not have present Sunforson.