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Sunforson 50*50mm Specification Anodized Aluminum Solar Cable Duct

Apr 13, 2018

Sunforson 50*50 specification anodized aluminum solar cable duct

The cable duct is also known as wire troughs (which vary from place to place) and is an electric appliance that is used to standardize wire rods such as power cables and data cables, and is fixed on a wall or a ceiling.

According to the different materials, the cable duct is divided into several types. Commonly used are the environmental protection PVC troughs, halogen-free PPO duct, halogen-free PC/ABS trunking, steel and aluminum wire trunking and so on.

SunRack Cable Duct is manufactured from aluminum and is used extensively across industry for the support and protection of lightweight cables. It’s spring fit lid, together with in built splice ensures easy installation.


Cable Duct Specification

Installation Site: interior and outdoor

Structural materials: aluminum

load-bearing: 8KN/m

Applicable Temperature: -50 ° ~ 100 °

Size: 50×50×2400 mm

material property: corrosion resistance

Design Standards: IBC&AS / NZS 1170

Life: Design Life for 25 years, quality assurance for 10 years

Products Strengths of Sunforson technology

1. Quick installation: It's spring fit lid, together with in built splice ensures easy installation.

2. Material Specification: Supplied in standard 2.4 meter lengths. Other sizes can be manufactured to firm orders in minimum batch quantities of 500 pcs.

3. Professional design, lower costs: Product were design by experienced designers, to meet the AS / NZS 1170, with mature process maturity, stable structure, systematic design to save cost for the customers.

4. High Accuracy: Without the need for extra cutting, the use of our unique duct extending allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy.

5. Maximum Lifespan: All components are made of quality extruded aluminum .The high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also easy to recyclable completely.

6. Guaranteed Durability: Sunforson provides a guarantee of 10 years on the durability of all components used