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Sunforson Aluminum Solar Panel Pole Mount New Design

Jan 05, 2018

With the popularity of photovoltaic power generation, many families began to install photovoltaic systems. Some households have little demand for power generation, may only need to install 1-2 panels, or because of the installation of the restrictions on the slopes of the ground, so the solar pole mounting bracket are more and more popular in the market.

In response to the needs of the market, sunforson developed aluminum solar panel pole mount, SFS-SL-01, it is a single pole bracket, suitable for flat roof, open ground, using triangular structure design, more stability. minimize the number of screws when that are fixed  to the gound.

Adjustable angle PV bracket Specification                       

Installation Site: open ground and roof

Panels: Solar panel for any size

Structural materials: aluminum, stainless steel

Survival wind speed: up to 35m / s

Component direction: vertical

Tilt Angle: Customized 

Design Standards: CE&AS / NZS 1170

Life: Design Life for 25 years, quality assurance for 10 years