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Sunforson Fixed Type of Solar PV Bracket Corrugated Tin Roof

Mar 06, 2018
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Sunforson Fixed Type of Solar PV Bracket Corrugated Tin Roof

About Product advantages :


First, the installation is simple

Pre-installed bracket parts, on-site installation saves time and effort, can significantly reduce construction costs, improve project efficiency


Second, high durability

More than 20 years of life photovoltaic stent design concept, high-strength materials to ensure


Third, international standards.

In line with Europe, the United States, Australia and other PV industry standards


Fourth, wide applicability

Sunforson Power (Xiamen ) Co.,Ltd of photovoltaic stent system for a variety of common boxed solar panels on the market installation, from small solar systems to large and even a few megawatts of the system can serve its range



Sunforson Power(Xiamen ) Co., Ltd., professional commitment to solar photovoltaic stent systems and accessories research and development, production and sales. Main products are: corrugated tile roof PV installation system, slope roof tile PV installation system, the cement roof-PV installation system, the ground all-aluminum bracket system, adjustable bracket installation system; aluminum block), corrugated tin fixture , upright edge lock fixture, Butler fixture, round fixture, trapezoidal fixture, etc.), aluminum rails, stainless steel hooks and screws and other accessories.