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Technological Development Allows Solar Stent Shine

Sep 06, 2016

For thousands of years, China's development has continued, both in the field of science and technology or in the construction, the development in science and technology mainly in the development of smart technology, as well as we continue to develop new energy sources, let us the amount of future generations can live better, when it comes to new energy, solar energy would have to say about the whole thing, it's very great power, and now the reason why we have developed a lot of series of solar products, it also allows us to obtain solar stent praise, because only with solar support our solar products can be more fully sunlight!

General inclination solar stent solar irradiation angle is determined by the local latitude, the area south of the Yangtze River can choose 36 ° ~ 45 ° bracket, north of the Yangtze River can choose 45 ° ~ 51 ° bracket after installation in order to achieve the best the angle of the sun, the highest collector effect. Current solar angle bracket on the market, there are two, namely, 38 ° and 45 °. So you want to follow a different use of the solar angle bracket to adjust, so as to better carry out the use of solar energy, it is our benefit!