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US May Set New Barriers To Imported PV Products Some PV Companies In China Are Looking For New Sites Locally

Aug 09, 2017

Under a appeal statement by Suniva, a declining US PV company, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) may suggest a more stringent trade barrier to imported PV products than in the past. This possibility makes foreign equipment manufacturers and national project developers uneasy. If Suniva's complaint is successful, China's PV equipment manufacturers will actively adjust the mode of operation to minimize the negative impact of new barriers.


Although so far the new plant has not yet begun to vote to build, but at least two Chinese PV cell manufacturers began to find new sites in the United States. In Asia, the new 1GW photovoltaic cell plant will take up to seven months. In the United States, it may take 1 year or more.


If the ITC survey confirms that the imported product is causing damage to the domestic PV industry and does not impose a retrospective penalty, imports of US PV modules may surge in the short term before the final US Customs receives orders to enforce new trade barriers.


As long as the price of PV modules has increased, it will have a negative impact on the US solar downstream market. However, the US tax-free policy and corporate profits can bear this part of the additional costs. US solar investment tax incentives could offset more than half of the additional costs.