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What Is Material For Photovoltaic With? How Features ?

Dec 28, 2017
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What is material for Photovoltaic with? How Features ?

The Material Photovoltaic Different from other equipment products, it can effectively prevent the equipment from being corroded. Therefore, three kinds of concrete, steel and aluminum alloy materials are commonly used in the manufacture of the equipment. The characteristics of these materials are as follows:


1, for the production of concrete in the photovoltaic stent material, are mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic equipment, this material features more self-weight, often only in the wild and also need to be installed in the basic conditions of the region is good, the Equipment materials not only have high stability, but also more able to support the huge size of the panel.


2.For the steel material in the manufacture of photovoltaic support, it has been widely used in industrial solar power and photovoltaic power plants. The equipment has good stability, mature manufacturing process, high bearing capacity and ease of installation; secondly Materials are often more uniform specifications, performance is also very stable, especially in the appearance and anti-corrosion properties are superior.


3, for the manufacture of aluminum alloy in the photovoltaic support material, commonly used in civil roof solar energy, the material has good corrosion resistance, the quality is often relatively light, but also more good aesthetics.


What is the use of photovoltaic support materials? It can be seen from the above characteristics that, in order to obtain the maximum power output of the entire photovoltaic power generation system, the support structure that fixes the solar modules in a certain orientation, arrangement and spacing according to the geographic, climatic and solar resource conditions of the construction site is usually a steel structure And aluminum alloy structure, or a mixture of both.