Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting Structures For Commercial Application

SunRack adjustable mounting structure is easy to mount with unique mounting design and highly pre-assembled parts in factory.Widely distributed in region which span of latitude is very large.

Product Details

flat roof solar panel mounting structures for commercial application

SunRack adjustable solar panel mounting is adopted for flat roof(no matter concrete flat roof or tin flat roof) or ground. It can be adjusted in different seasons for maximum power generation. With SunRack adjustable mounting brackets, you will earn a lot for your solar system.


1.  Specification of solar panel mounting structures

Mount Type

flat roof solar panel mounting structures for commercial application

Applicable site

Flat roof

Applicable Module

Framed or frameless panel

Module Orientation

Landscape or portrait

Wind load

Up to130mph(60m/s)

Snow load

Up to 30psf(1.4KN/m2)


Aluminum alloy and stainless steel 304


10years on material


2. Photo show of solar panel structure supports

-Overview of whole flat roof mounting structure

 adjustable mounting structure for solar.jpg


-Detail on PV panel mounting structures

 solar anel mount.jpg

3. Features of SunRack solar PV Mounts

-.Tilt angle options:10~20,15~30 or 30~60 degree with 225mm/455mm/600mm adjustable legs.

-.100% light weight and corrosion resistant aluminum rails..

-.Adjustable tilt angle for power maximum generation in different seasons.

4.-Component list of solar roof mounting structures

components for solar panel structures.jpg