Sunrack Solar Mounting Structure For Shingle Roof

Product Details

Sunrack Solar Mounting Structure for Shingle Roof

SunRack Shingle roof solar mounting systems for solar installation is famous for the water proof foundation for shingle rooftop, it can be easily install on shingle roof top with special L feet group and the aluminum plateform.

1. Specification of solar roof mounting systems

Mount Type

shingle roof top solar mounting systems

Applicable site

Shingle roof

Applicable Module

Framed or frameless panel

Module Orientation

landscape or portrait

Wind load

Up to130mph(60m/s)

Snow load

Up to 30psf(1.4KN/m2)


aluminum alloy and stainless steel 304


10years, more than 25 years lifetime


2. Photo Show of SunRack solar mounting structure

a) solar panel roof solar mounting systems

b) tile roof mounting rack for solar systems

Lfeet group solar mount0906.jpg

c) rooftop solar mounting installation

roof mounting 0906.jpg

d) solar racking systems for tile roof

shingle roof mounts 09906.jpg

4. Features of Solar panel roof mounts

   -With roof flashing group it can be warter proof   

   -Easy fast with unique SunRack rail and G module/Flat nut

   -10 years warranty and 25 years lifetime

   -Pre-assembled parts to save cost and installation time