Pv Ground Mount Racking Systems For Solar Farm

Product Details

PV ground mount racking systems for solar farm

SunRack concrete based PV ground mount racking systems for solar power plant is a highly versatile ground mounting solutions that can be widely used in commercial and utility solar system installation. With more than 40% preassembly and patented components, Sunrack solar ground mounting save installer considerable a lot of time and present with great marketing edge.


1.  Specification of  pv ground mount

Mount Typepv ground mount racking systems for solar farm
Applicable siteOpen ground 
Ground clearanceCustomized
Module OrientationLandscape or portrait
Wind loadUp to130mph(60m/s)
Snow loadUp to 30psf(1.4KN/m2)
MaterialAluminum alloy and stainless steel 304
Warranty10years on material, more than 25 years lifetime


2. Photo show of ground mount racking systems

-Overview of whole solar mount racking for power plant

pv ground mount

aluminum ground mounting systems.jpg

Ground Mount

racking system for solar farmground mounted solar panels.jpg

pv panel ground mount

-Detail of solar panel mounting structures

ground mounting structures.jpg

solar ground mount

pv mounting systems.jpg

pv solar panel mounting

-Component list of pv ground mount racking systems for solar farm

 pv ground mount racking


3. Features of SunRack solar ground mounting racks for power plant

-.Fast and secure installation.

-.Professional customized design.

-.Most cost-efficient design for 2 rows panels in portrait orientation.